How many will join the Challenge?

Take a look around and get creative - make a video, audio, dance, or sculpture - anything you like!

Contact Nathan: sonnetchallenge [AT] gmail [DOT] com

How to Submit

For whatever your medium is (video, audio, photo or file), here's a list of places you can upload it for FREE! Naturally, you only need to put your submission onto one of these sites - and there are plenty of other places to host your submission, this is just a list of a few I've found.

Each does require you to create an account, but it's very quick, free & easy!

(All these instructions assume you've already logged into the respective site - once you find the "Upload" tab/link, just click & follow instructions on the following page)

Once your submission has been uploaded - click on it to find the "link" to your video/song/picture, etc.

If you have the "embed" code, awesome! If not, the URL (web address) of your submission will work too - you can send either to sonnetchallenge [@] gmail [DOT] com or you can post the info in a comment on any of the sonnet posts.

Youtube - click on "Upload" at the top of the page near the search box

Vimeo - click on "Upload" at the top of the page in the black bar

Viddler - click on "Upload" in the green bar

Upload-mp3 - click on "Upload" in the black bar. Please note: your "My Documents" folder on this site must be set to either Public or Hidden (click on "Edit" next to the folder name to change these settings - the default is Private)

Flickr - "Upload" is in the navigation menu at the top of the page under "You"

Google Picasa - click on the "Upload" button in the gray bar at the top of the page

Google Docs - click on the "Upload" button in the blue bar at the top-left of the page

Scribd - click on the big blue "Upload" button in the middle of the page

If there are other places you like, please let me know!